OSLO, Norway — 14 October 2014 — Bridge Technologies has appointed Canal Câble as its new business partner for the French market. Canal Câble offers the complete range of Bridgetech monitoring probes, together with the VB288 Content Extractor with the RVW – Remote Video Wall, and the VBC system controller.

Canal Câble’s successful projects span a wide range of applications in media and telecommunications, and its roster of clients includes Eutelsat, EDF, Endemol, Globecast, Orange, and Philips. The company’s success has been built on the in-house expertise of its project teams, combined with a portfolio of market-leading technologies from manufacturers such as Bridge Technologies, AppearTV, DuneHD, Haivision and others.

“Canal Câble has the kind of market presence and talented personnel that we are looking for in our business partners,” said Simen Frostad, Chairman, Bridge Technologies. “The company has shown time and again that it has the ability to bring the best components together intelligently and skilfully, in order to provide a superior solution for the customer.”

Canal Câble offers the complete range of Bridgetech monitoring probes, together with the VB288 Content Extractor and virtual video wall, and the VBC system controller-server.

“Bridge Technologies makes an exceptionally good family of products for measurement and monitoring, with integrated devices that support monitoring of digital technologies such as satellite, terrestrial signals, cable, IPTV and OTT,” said Canal Câble’s CEO Serge Gravis. “Canal Câble has already embarked on the deployment of BridgeTech probes to a large satellite operator to radically improve the monitoring of its satellite TV services, and we look forward to many more implementations of Bridgetech systems with our customer base.”

More information about Bridge Technologies and its products is available at www.bridgetech.tv or by phone at +47 22 38 51 00.

About Canal Câble

Canal Câble (www.canal-cable.fr) specialises in product distribution and deployment of solutions in the field of telecommunications. The products and solutions are geared to the needs of broadcasters, operators, hotels and hospitals as well as any company wishing to set up new networks of communication. Our specialty: Being at the forefront of technological innovations in order to allow our customers to make the most appropriate choice for their projects. Our service philosophy – valued for 25 years – remains one of our greatest assets for tomorrow’s projects: IPTV, IP Technology via Coaxial networks Multiscreen Streaming, very low latency Encoding – Decoding…

About Bridge Technologies

Bridge Technologies (www.bridgetech.tv) creates advanced systems for ensuring high-quality, profitable digital media service delivery in broadcast, cable, satellite, OTT and telecoms applications. Providing a sophisticated platform for converging digital media services, the company’s award-winning products and solutions include analysis, measurement, and monitoring systems, intelligent redundancy switching, and comprehensive analytics solutions for TV-Everywhere providers. Compatible with all major industrial standards, ruggedised for reliability in challenging environments, and built for low-energy operation, Bridge Technologies systems bring greater efficiency to digital media businesses by making it simpler to manage complexity.